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2023-2024 University of Wyoming Catalog 
2023-2024 University of Wyoming Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Human Development and Family Science (B.S.) - Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher Certification Concentration

Leads to certification/licensure to teach family and consumer sciences (FCS) in secondary schools.

Program Information

This program is made possible through a partnership agreement with UW Family and Consumer Sciences, Colorado State University (CSU) Family and Consumer Sciences program and the CSU Center for Educator Preparation. While meeting the requirements for the Human Development and Family Sciences concentration, students will use electives from other FCS concentrations to prepare them to teach family and consumer sciences in middle or secondary schools. By participating in this partnership, students earn dual bachelor’s degrees - one from UW and one from CSU. Students must earn a minimum of 154 credit hours between the two programs (minimum of 120 at UW and a minimum of 34 at CSU) in order to be awarded a degree from each institution. Additional semesters will be necessary to fulfill the requirements of both degrees.

Students must meet all entry requirements at UW and CSU. The CSU licensure program requires students to earn a C or above in all content courses and teacher licensing courses, and a passing score on the appropriate licensing exam. Therefore, a grade of C or above must be earned in all UW courses and an overall 2.750 GPA be maintained for transfer to CSU to fulfill their program requirements. Upon completion of the UW portion, students will then take the remaining courses needed to meet Wyoming and Colorado certification/ licensure requirements at CSU in Ft. Collins, Colorado. In their last semester, if they so choose, Wyoming students may complete their student teaching requirements in a Wyoming FCS school classroom with supervision by a licensed FCS teacher educator. In addition to earning dual degrees, students meet the requirements to apply for certification/licensure in Wyoming and in Colorado. Both licenses are reciprocal in many other states.

University Studies Program

This degree requires that The University Studies Program 2015  requirements are met before graduation. Some of the courses required for this major fulfill USP requirements, but not all. Students should check their degree evaluations and consult with their assigned academic advisor to discuss their specific course plan.

Additional Concurrent and CSU Coursework

After completion of UW coursework, three additional semesters are required for completion of this teacher certification option. The first semester will require concurrent enrollment at UW and CSU. Required UW course FCSC 4117 (online - 3 credit hours) will be taken while enrolled at CSU to preserve WEU eligibility. Four additional credit hours must be transferred to UW from the second and third semesters’ coursework at CSU to meet UW’s 120 credit hour graduation requirement.

First Semester

Concurrent Fall Semester UW/CSU

  • EDUC 331 - Educational Technology Credits: 2

  • EDUC 340 - Literacy and the Learner - Phase I - RL Credits: 3 (Not included in WUE tuition)

  • EDUC 350 - Instruction I: Individualization/Mgt - Phase II - TL Credits: 3

  • EDUC 386 - Practicum - Instruction I - Phase II - TL 1

  • EDCT 451 - Methods, FCS Education Credits: 4

  • FCSC 4117 - Understanding Community Leadership Credits: 3 (online from UW)

Second Semester

 Spring Semester at CSU

  • EDUC 450 - Instruction II: Standards/ Assessment - Phase III - T Credits: 4

  • EDUC 486 - Practicum - Instruction II - Phase III - TL 1

  • FACS 479 - Colloquium - FCS Credits: 2

Complete one of the following and transfer it to UW:

  • A course from Art/Humanities (Choose one: E140 - The Study of Literature, PHIL100 - The Appreciation of Philosophy, or TH141 - Introduction to Theater) Credits: 3

  • HES 145 Health and Wellness Credits: 3

Final Semester

Fall Semester at CSU

  • EDCT 485 - Student Teaching - Phase IV - TL Credits: 11

  • ECDT 492 Seminar - Professional Relations - Phase IV - TL Credits: 1 (Transfer to UW)

Total UW Degree Minimum: 120 Hours


Total CSU Degree Minimum: 34 Hours


Total for Both Degrees: 154 Hours

Additional Requirements

Students must satisfactorily complete a mandatory security screen (background check).

Additional Requirements

Students must satisfactorily complete a mandatory security screen (background check).