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2023-2024 University of Wyoming Catalog 
2023-2024 University of Wyoming Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

The University Studies Program 2015

Students who enter the University of Wyoming or a Wyoming community college beginning in fall 2015 will be required to meet the USP 2015 requirements for graduation. Requirements of the USP are divided into categories based on the student learning outcomes. All courses are mutually exclusive of each other; no single course may count in more than one category. USP designated courses are open to all UW students (with a few exceptions for the Fall Bridge and Honors College).

Knowledge of Human Culture, the Physical & Natural World, and the U.S. & Wyoming Constitutions

Human Culture (H) Credits 6

Students will understand human behaviors, activities, ideas, and values in different situations and contexts. Complete six approved credit hours of coursework. Approved coursework does not include courses taken with the student’s major department.

Physical and Natural World (PN) Credits 6

Students will understand the fundamental concepts of scientific and quantitative inquiry and develop the ability to understand the relevance of scientific, technological, and quantitative skills to contemporary society. Complete six approved credit hours of course work. Approved coursework does not include courses taken from the student’s major department.

U.S. & Wyoming Constitution (V) Credits 3

Students will demonstrate an understanding of the U.S. and Wyoming constitution in order to develop the combination of knowledge, values, and motivation to participate in and improve the life of our local and global communities. Approved V courses fulfill both the U.S. and Wyoming Constitution requirements.

Intellectual and Practical Skills

Communication 1 (C1) Credits 3

Students will develop skills in written, oral, and digital communication as appropriate to specific disciplines and courses at the introductory, intermediate, and advanced level. Through repeated instruction, practice, and feedback, the communication sequence will emphasize and progressively develop transferable skills for students’ academic work and future professions. The introductory course (C1) will emphasize foundational skills for academic writing. Communication 1 must be completed with a C or better.

Communication 2 (C2) Credits 3

Intermediate courses (C2) will emphasize foundational oral and digital communication skills and continue to build on writing skills. Successful completion of C1 is required prior to enrolling in a C2 course. This category can be fulfilled by courses taken from the student’s major department. Communication 2 must be completed with a C or better.

Communication 3 (C3) Credits 3

Advanced courses (C3) will emphasize using the discourse of a discipline or interdisciplinary field to communicate to academic or professional audiences through written, oral, and digital communication. Successful completion of C2 is required prior to enrolling in a C3 course. This category can be fulfilled by courses taken from the students major department. Communication 3 must be completed with a C or better.

First-Year Seminar (FYS) Credits 3

Students will critically examine and evaluate evidence, claims, beliefs, or points of view about meaningful, relevant issues. Students will be introduced to active learning, inquiry of pressing issues, and individual and collaborative processing of ideas through the First-Year Seminar curriculum. These skills will be reinforced throughout the baccalaureate experience. The First-Year Seminar will provide the skills and philosophy necessary for success as a student and life-long learner. Students will have an opportunity to select from a range of academic courses covering unique and interesting subject matter focused on developing critical thinking, communication, and information literacy skills. Colleges, departments, and programs cannot require a particular FYS class for a major. First-Year Seminar must be completed with a C or better.

FYS Pause:

Starting in the Academic Year of 2023/24, the First Year Seminar program has been put on pause. During this pause, students must take either a 3-credit hour First Year Seminar Course or a 3-credit hour USP elective. This USP elective can be any USP approved course from any USP category.

Quantitative Reasoning (Q) Credits 3

Students will reason and solve quantitative problems from a wide array of authentic contexts and everyday life situations. All students must fulfill the Q requirement, either through successfully completing the Q course or with SAT Math 600+, ACT Math 26+, or a proctored MEP Level 4.

Personal & Social Responsibility

No mandatory USP courses. Students will have varied experiences depending on coursework and co-curricular activities chosen by them.

Wyoming Community Colleges have defined a Common General Education Core Curriculum as a component of an associate’s degree. Per transfer policy, an AA or AS or AB degree from a Wyoming community college will satisfy the lower-division requirements of the University Studies Program. Students transferring to UW from any Wyoming community college without an associate’s degree will have their transcript review on a course-by-course basis.

Students who enrolled at the University of Wyoming or a Wyoming community college prior to the fall of 2015 and who maintained continuous enrollment have the option of satisfying USP 2003 or USP 2015 requirements.

The following courses were approved for the University Studies Program 2015 at the time this catalog went to press. The process of course approval is ongoing. For a complete and updated list of approved courses, see the USP website at http://www.uwyo.edu/usp/.


Communication 1 (C1)

ENGL 1010 College Composition and Rhetoric

ESL 1210 English Composition for International Students

HP 1020 Freshman Colloquium I

Communication 2 (C2)

AAST 2240 Introduction to African Studies

AAST 2360 African American History, 1619-Present

AAST 2450 Traditional African Religions

AIR 3010 Leading People & Effective Communication

ANTH 2000 Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology

ART 3710 Gender and Humanities

COMM 2010 Public Speaking

COMM 2095 Persuasive Arguments

CW 2200 Creativity in the 21st Century

ECON 2400 Economics of the Environment

EDSE 3100 Teacher as Practitioner & EDSE 3101 Practicum 3

ENGL 2005 Technical Writing in the Sciences

ENGL 2015 Composition & Rhetoric II: College & Career

ENGL 2020 Literature, Media, & Culture

ENGL 2025 Introduction to English Studies

ENGL 2030 Critical Reading & Writing

ENGL 2035 Writing for Public Forums

ENGL 3710 Gender and the Humanities

ENR 2000 Environment and Society

ENR 2450 Fish & Wildlife Management in the Anthropocene

ERS 2500 Energy Project Outreach & Communication

ESL 3050 Advanced Academic Writing for International Students

FCSC 2200 Professionalism and Communication in Family and Consumer Sciences

FREN 3050 Third Year French I

GEOL 2220 Communication Earth Science

GERM 3050 Third Year German I

GIST 2110 Techniques in Cartography

GWST 3600 Gender, Race, Sex & Social Systems

GWST 3710 Gender and Humanities

HIST 2320 History of Islam

HIST 2360 African American History, 1619-Present

HP 2020 Honors Colloquium II

INST 2200 Politics of Europe

INST 2230 Introduction to Asian Studies

INST 2240 Introduction to African Studies

INST 2250 Introduction to Latin American Studies

KIN 3012 Teaching Laboratory I

LBRY 3020 Research as Social Capital

LIFE 2300 Scientific Communication

MKT 3310 Fundamentals of Professional & Technical Selling

ORTM 2050 Planning, Design, & Delivery

POLS 2200 Politics of Europe

POLS 3600 American Political Thought

POLS 3680 Introduction to Empirical Political Analysis

RELI 2030 Violence and Resistance

RELI 2200 Contemporary American Religion

RELI 2320 History of Islam

RELI 2450 Traditional African Religions

RELI 3245 Christianity Since Darwin

SELL 3310 Fundamentals of Professional & Technical Selling

SPAN 3030 Spanish for Heritage Speakers

SPAN 3050 Third Year Spanish I

THEA 2060 Introduction to Performance Studies

UWYO 1600 Veterans Transition Group

ZOO 2450 Fish & Wildlife Management in the Anthropocene

Communication 3 (C3)

AAST 4065 Black American Rhetorics

AAST 4066 Rhetorics for Social Justice

AAST 4067 Race, Gender, Media, and Rhetoric

AAST 4100 African American Religious Culture

AAST 4233 Race, Ethnicity, Gender and Media

AGEC 4965 Agribusiness Entrepreneurial Management and Communication

AGEC 4970 Technical Communication for Agribusiness Majors

AGRI 4600 Developing Organizational Leaders

AIR 4010 National Security Affairs

AMST 4985 Senior Seminar

ANSC 4630 Topics and Issues in Animal Science

ANTH 3300 Ethnographic Methods

ARE 3210 Civil Engineering Materials

ART 3490 Philosophy, Theories, and Contemporary Issues in Art Education

ART 4010 Contemporary Art: Theory and Practice

ART 4600 Professional Practices and Strategies

ART 4790 Art History Seminar

BOT 4100 Scientific Communication

BOT 4101 Scientific Communication Lab

BOT 4444 Biology Capstone

CE 3210 Civil Engineering Materials

CHE 4080 Process Design II

CHEM 4010 Communication in Chemistry

COJO 3010 Business and Professional Communication

COJO 3190 Cross Cultural Communication

COJO 4061 Rhetorical Theory & Criticism

COJO 3010 Business & Professional Communication

COJO 3190 Cross Cultural Communication

COJO 4061 Rhetorical Theory & Criticism

COJO 4065 Black American Rhetorics

COJO 4066 Rhetorics for Social Justice

COJO 4067 Race, Gender, Media, and Rhetoric

COJO 4110 Feature Writing Seminar

ECON 4240 Evolution of Economic Ideas

EDEL 4410 Elementary Mathematics Education Method

EDSE 4270 Subject Matter Specific Methods II: Secondary English Education

EDSE 4271 Subject Matter Specific Methods II: Secondary Mathematics Education

EDSE 4273 Subject Matter Specific Methods II: Secondary Social Studies Education

EDSE 4275 Subject Matter Specific Methods II: Secondary Science Education

EDSE 4276 Subject Matter Specific Methods II: Secondary Modern Language Education

EDSE 4277 Subject Matter Specific Methods II: Secondary Pedagogy Technical Education

EDSE 4278 Subject Matter Specific Methods II: Secondary Agriculture Education

EE 4820 Senior Design I

EE 4830 Senior Design II

ENGL 3020 Culture, Communication, and the Workplace

ENGL 4000 21st Century Issues in Professional Writing

ENGL 4010 Technical Writing in the Professions

ENGL 4025 Writing for the Web

ENGL 4030 Writing for Magazines

ENGL 4040 Rhetoric, Media, and Culture

ENGL 4061 Rhetorical Theory & Criticism

ENGL 4065 Black American Rhetorics

ENGL 4066 Rhetorics for Social Justice

ENGL 4067 Race, Gender, Media, and Rhetoric

ENGL 4075 Writing for Non-Profits

ENGL 4999 Senior Seminar

ENR 4900 ENR Policy in Practice

ERS 4135 Advanced Oil & Gas Law

ESL 4010 Technical Writing for International Students

ESS 4950 Exploring the Earth System

FCSC 4182 Environmental Sustainability in Design, Merchandising and Textiles

GEOL 4820 Capstone

GERM 4200 Introduction to Research

GWST 4067 Race, Gender, Media, and Rhetoric

GWST 4700 Feminist Theories

HIST 4030 Senior Capstone Seminar

HP 4990 Undergraduate Education Research

INST 4950 Capstone

KIN 4080 Assessment in Physical Education

MATH 4200 Analysis 2: Advanced Analysis

MATH 4510 Algebra II: Introduction to Group Therapy

MGT 4800 Business Strategy & Policy

MICR 4130 Mammalian Pathobiology

MICR 4321 Microbiology Capstone

MLSK 4860 Laboratory Management

MOLB 4053 Communications in Molecular Biology

MUSC 4330 Undergraduate Seminar

MUSC 4465 Instrumental Music Methods

NURS 4055 Evidence-Based Nursing for the RN

NURS 4125 Evidence-Based Nursing

ORTM 4903 Capstone

PATB 4130 Mammalian Pathobiology

PETE 4736 Petroleum Engineering Design

PHCY 6245 Patient/Professional Interactions

PHCY 6470 Internal Medicine I

PHCY 6473 Ambulatory Pharmaceutical Care

PHCY 6485 Reflective Learning in Pharmacy

PLNT 4990 Plant Sciences Capstone

POLS 4810 Seminar in Political Philosophy

POLS 4840 Seminar in Public Law

POLS 4850 Seminar in American Political Institutions

POLS 4870 Seminar in International Relations: Comparative Genocide

POLS 4890 Seminar in Comparative Government & Politics

RELI 4000 Theories in Religion

RELI 4100 African American Religious Culture

REWM 4900 Rangeland Management and Planning

SOWK 4570 Social Work Research Methods

SPAN 4200 Introduction to Research

THEA 4200 20th Century Dance

THEA 4330 History of American Musical Theatre

THEA 4930 Theatre History I

UWYO 3600 Campus to Career

UWYO 4101 Bachelor of General Studies Capstone Design

WIND 4300 Transnational Disability Studies

ZOO 4100 Scientific Communication

ZOO 4101 Scientific Communication Lab

ZOO 4200 Applied Principles of Science Communication

First-Year Seminar (FYS)

ACES 1101 The New Geography of Jobs

AGEC 1101 Public (Mis)perceptions of Agriculture

ANSC 1101 Beyond Cowboys & Critters: The Science of Animal Agriculture

ANTH 1101 Anthropology of Monsters

ANTH 1101 Hoaxes, Myths, and Charlatans in Archaeology

ART 1101 Reading Tex(tiles): Exploring Fabric as a Vehicle for Communication

ART 1101 Build Your Own Camera

ATSC 1101 Weather, Climate, and Global Change

BOT 1101 Paleontology’s Great Debates

BOT 1101 Fish & the Human Experience

BUSN 1101 Decision Making in Business

CE 1101 Engineering Earth’s Water

CHIN 1101 A Taste of China: Travel, Food, and Culture

COMM 1101 Small Group Communication

COMM 1101 Trending Now: Media Literacy in the 21st Century

COMM 1101 Understanding Human Communication

COSC 1101 The Beauty and Joy of Computing

CW 1101 The Power of Story: How Narrative Shapes Our Understanding of the World

ECON 1101 Bite-Sized Economics

ECON 1101 Business of Sports

ECON 1101 Viking Economics

EDEC 1101 Borders, Barriers, and Bridges: Creating Community Across Global Issues

EDEL 1101 Race & Racism

EDST 1101 The Citizen Factory: Schooling and Democracy in the US

EE 1101 Bits & Bytes: A Taste of Electronics

ENGL 1101 Night of the Living Film: Zombies, Living Dead, Walkers… Humans

ENGL 1101 Travel Writing: From Wyoming to the World

ENR 1101 Thinking Like a Mountain: Environmental Problems, Interdisciplinary Solutions

ENTO 1101 Pests, Plagues and Plants

ERS 1101 Energy, Environment, and Economics

ES 1101 Introduction to Engineering Study

ES 1101 Innovation & Entrepreneurship

ES 1101 Mission to Mars

FCSC 1101 People, Place, Profit and Policy: Sustainability and Well-Being in the Built Environment

FIN 1101 Personal Finance

GEOG 1101 Surviving the Apocalypse: The Geography of Natural Disasters

GEOL 1101 Man and Geology: The Control of Nature

GERM 1101 Ger-Merican Dreams: The German Cultural Presence in the US

HIST 1101 Hamilton’s America: Beyond the Musical

HP 1101 Calling Bull$#!% in a science-driven world

HP 1101 Quests, Epics, Identity

HP 1101 Narrative of Success: Moving Beyond Achievement to Define Meaningful Success

HP 1101 The Purpose of the University

HP 1101 A Walk Across the World: Popular Film, International Inquiry, and Problem-based Learning

HP 1101 Travel Writing: From Wyoming to the World

INST 1101 Exploring the Middle East: Camels, Hookahs and Oil

INST 1101 Viking Economics

ITEC 1101 Making, Hacking, and Tinkering: Creating in the Modern World

KIN 1101 Kinesiology - the Science of Human Movement

LIFE 1101 Introduction to Ecological Research

LTST 1101 Latina/o Popular Culture: Art, Theatre, Media, Music and Sports

MATH 1101 Infinity—Beyond?

MOLB 1101 The Neanderthal and the nucleus; the molecular biology of being human

MOLB 1101 Genetic Engineering & Synthetic Biology

NEUR 1101 Think About Thinking NURS 1101 Should Health Care Fly?

PATB 1101 One Health: People, Animals, and the Environment - Zero Degree of Separation

PATB 1101 Think About Thinking

PHCY 1101 Navigating Survival: A Compass for Campus Mental Health

PHIL 1101 Philosophy as a Way of Life

PHYS 1101 Natural History: Past, Present, & Future

PHYS 1101 What really happened: How scientific theories come about

PHYS 1101 Critical Thinking Through Science and Science Fiction

PLNT 1101 Eating as an Agricultural Act

POLS 1101 Dangerous Ideas: First Amendment Civil Liberties in Theory and Practice

RELI 1101 Worlds of Religion

RELI 1101 Gilgamesh to the Bomb

SOC 1101 The Sociology of Pets

STAT 1101 The Power of Confidence

THEA 1101 Performance as Change

UWYO 1101 Outdoor Leadership

UWYO 1101 From Home to Here, Where Cultures Meet

UWYO 1101 UW Veterans

UWYO 1101 Say “Cheese” Happiness & Well-being through the Lens of Art

ZOO 1101 The Biology of Food

ZOO 1101 Natural History: Past, Present, and Future

Human Culture (H)

AAST 3000 African American Music

AAST 3260 African Spirits in the New World

AAST 3933 African Philosophy

AGEC 1010 Principles of Macro Economics

AGEC 1020 Principles of Micro Economics

AGEC 3860 World, Food, Agriculture, and Development

AGEC 4600 Community Economic Analysis

AMST 2010 Introduction to American Studies

AMST 2110 Cultural Diversity in America

AMST 4430 Queer Theory

ANTH 1200 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

ANTH 1325 Wyoming Archaeology

ANTH 1450 World Archaeology

ANTH 2600 Forgotten Africa: Introduction to African Civilizations

ANTH 3400 Hunters & Gatherers

ARBC 1010 First Year Arabic I

ARBC 1020 First Year Arabic II

ARE 3030 History of Architecture

ART 1001 Art & Human Culture

ART 2010 Art History Survey I

ART 2020 Art History Survey II

ART 3030 History of Architecture

CHIN 1010 First Year Chinese I

CHIN 1020 First Year Chinese II

CHIN 3160 See Movies, Touch China

CLAS 2020 Classical Greek Civilization

COJO 1000 Introduction to Mass Media

COJO 1030 Interpersonal Communication

COJO 1040 Introduction to Human Communication Theory

ECON 1000 Global Economic Issues

ECON 1010 Principles of Macro Economics

ECON 1020 Principles of Micro Economics

ECON 1300 Oil: Business, Culture, and Power

ECON 1400 Sports Economics

EDEL 2280 Literature for Children

EDST 2450 Foundations for Development and Learning

EDST 2480 Diversity and the Publics of Schooling

EDST 3480 The Diversity and the Politics of Schooling

ENGL 1080 Intro to Women’s Studies

ENGL 2360 Mexican-American Literature

ENGL 2410 Literary Genres

ENGL 2420 Literary Genres

ENGL 4470 Chicano Folklore

ENGL 4640 Chicana Perspectives

ENR 2300 Foundations of Sustainability

ENR 2345 Natural Resource Ethics

ENR 3000 Approaches to the ENR Problem Solving

ERS 1300 Oil: Business, Culture, and Power

ERS 4482 Global Climate Governance

ES 3010 Culture & Engineering in Latin America

FCSC 1180 Applied Design

FCSC 2165 Introduction to Fashion & Dress

FCSC 3220 Multicultural Influences on Children and Families

FREN 1010 First Year French I

FREN 1020 First Year French II

FREN 2030 Second Year French I

FREN 2040 Second Year French II

FREN 2130 Contemporary French Culture

GEOG 1000 World Regional Geography

GEOG 1020 Human Geography

GEOG 2370 Chicano/a History Origins to 1900

GEOG 2385 Chicano History: 1900 to Present

GEOG 4355 Sustainable Planning and Urban Policies

GEOG 4560 Global Cities

GERM 1010 First Year German I

GERM 1020 First Year German II

GERM 2030 Second Year German I

GERM 2040 Second Year German II

GERM 3060 Introduction to German Literature

GWST 1080 Intro to Women’s Studies

GWST 2000 Intro to LGBTQ/NS Studies

GWST 2700 Gender and Disability

GWST 3200 Chicana Perspectives

GWST 4430 Queer Theory

HIST 1110 Western Civilization

HIST 1320 World History to 1750

HIST 2225 History of Christianity

HIST 2250 American Religious History I

HIST 2252 American Religious History II

HIST 2310 Buddhism

HIST 2315 History of Non-Western Religions

HIST 2370 Chicano/a History Origins to 1900

HIST 2380 Latin American Civilizations

HIST 2385 Chicano History: 1900 to Present

HIST 2600 Forgotten Africa: Introduction to African Civilizations

HIST 3280 Tibetan Buddhism

HIST 4340 Social History of American Women

HIST 4405 American Encounters to 1850

HIST 4406 American Encounters from 1850

HIST 4410 American in an Early Modern World

HIST 4415 Entangled Worlds, Entangled Lives: Indigenous People and Colonizers before 1850

HIST 4462 American Indian History to 1783

HIST 4463 American Indian History to 1890

HLED 1006 Personal Health

HP 1151 Colloquium I

HP 2151 NW: Classical Islam

HP 2153 Bali: Life and Art

HP  2153 Being Basque: Old World & New

HP 3151 Japanese Modern Culture and Society

HP 3151 Not So Plain Tales from India: Indian Short Story

HP 3151 The Disney Discourse

HP 3151 Art and Environment

HP 3151 Modes: Taboo: Sacred and Forbidden

HP 3151 How to Think About What to Think

HP 3151 Christians & Muslims

HP 3152 Heroes, Heroines, and What Stories Tell Us About Who We Are

HP 3152 Hunting & Identity in the Modern United States

HP 3152 Mass Media & Collective Consciousness

HP 3152 Children’s Film

HP 3152 Race & Racism

HP 3152 Taking Liberties with Freedom

HP 3153 American Popular Music

HP 3153 Art & Culture of Hip Hop

HP 3153 Culture, Language & Tradition in Modern Mexico

HP 3351 Poetry Workshop

HP 4151 Concepts of Holy War

HP 4151 Quitting: Manifestations, Meaning and Mastery

HP 4151 Secular Stock Cycles

HP 4152 Issues and Choices: Futurism 001

HP 4152 Diplomacy & Negotiation

HP 4152 The Art & History of Medicine

HP 4153 Environmental & Sustainability Issues in Art

HP 4153 Saffron, Silk, and Broadswords: A Trek Through Great Civilizations

HP 4154 Topics Course

INST 1060 World Regional Geography

INST 3933 African Philosophy

INST 4355 Sustainable Planning and Urban Policies

INST 4560 Global Cities

INST 4990 Global Justice

JAPN 1010 First Year Japanese I

JAPN 1020 First Year Japanese II

KIN 2050 Socio-Cultural Aspects of Physical Activity, Exercise and Sport

LATN 1010 First Year Latin, I

LATN 1020 First Year Latin, II

LTST 1300 Intro to Latina/o Studies

LTST 2360 Mexican-American Literature

LTST 2370 Chicano/a History Origins to 1900

LTST 2385 Chicano History: 1900 to Present

LTST 3200 Chicana Perspectives

LTST 4470 Chicano Folklore

MUSC 1000 Intro to Music

MUSC 1390 Jazz Ensemble I

MUSC 1400 Collegiate Chorale I

MUSC 1405 Singing Statesmen I

MUSC 1415 Bel Canto I

MUSC 1417 Civic Chorus I

MUSC 1430 Symphony Orchestra I

MUSC 3390 Jazz Ensemble II

MUSC 3400 Collegiate Chorale II

MUSC 3405 Singing Statesmen II

MUSC 3415 Bel Canto II

MUSC 3417 Civic Chorus II

MUSC 3430 Symphony Orchestra II

MUSC 4350 History and Literature of Jazz

MUSC 4490 History of Rock and Roll

NAIS 4462 American Indian History to 1783

NAIS 4463 American Indian History to 1890

PHIL 1000 Introduction to Philosophy

PHIL 2300 Ethics in Practice

PHIL 2345 Natural Resource Ethics

PHIL 2420 Critical Thinking

PHIL 3100 History of Modern Philosophy: The Rationalist

PHIL 3110 History of Modern Philosophy: The Empiricists

PHIL 3120 Ancient Greek Philosophy

PHIL 3220 Existentialism & Phenomenology

PHIL 3250 Global Justice

PHIL 3260 Seeking Justice & Equality

PHIL 3300 Ethical Theory

PHIL 3320 Eastern Thought

PHIL 3340 Philosophy of Literature

PHIL 3350 Ethics With the Greats

PHIL 3440 Philosophy of Mind

PHIL 3510 Introduction to Epistemology

PHIL 3560 Introduction to Metaphysics

PHIL 3933 African Philosophy

PHIL 4270 Buddhist Ethics

POLS 3260 Seeking Justice & Equality

POLS 4355 Sustainable Planning and Urban Policies

PSYC 1000 General Psychology

RELI 1000 Introduction to Religion

RELI 2050 Religions of Asia

RELI 2110 Introduction to the Old Testament

RELI 2150 New Testament Survey

RELI 2225 History of Christianity

RELI 2250 American Religious History I

RELI 2252 American Religious History II

RELI 2310 Buddhism

RELI 2315 History of Non-Western Religions

RELI 2330 Islam in the Modern World

RELI 2410 Varieties of Non-Belief

RELI 3090 Middle East and Israel in Film

RELI 3200 Religion and American Culture

RELI 3260 African Spirits in the New World

RELI 3280 Tibetan Buddhism

RELI 3320 Eastern Thought

RELI 4270 Buddhist Ethics

RNEW 2345 Natural Resource Ethics

SOC 1000 Sociological Principles

SPAN 1010 First Year Spanish I

SPAN 1020 First Year Spanish II

SPAN 2030 Second Year Spanish I

SPAN 2040 Second Year Spanish II

SPPA 2110 American Sign Language I

SPPA 2120 American Sign Language II

SPPA 4070 Deaf Studies

THEA 1000 Introduction to Theatre

THEA 1100 Beginning Acting

THEA 1200 Introduction to Design

THEA 1410 Ballet I/I THEA 1420 Ballet I/II

THEA 1430 Modern Dance I/I

THEA 1440 Modern Dance I/II

THEA 1480 Beginning Jazz Dance

THEA 2200 Backgrounds of Dance

THEA 2480 Jazz II

UWYO 1000 Veteran Transition I: Hidden Curriculum - Hidden Culture

WIND 2100 Introduction to Disability Studies

WIND 2700 Gender and Disability

ZOO 4152 The Art and History of Medicine

Physical and Natural World (PN)

ANTH 1100 Introduction to Biological Anthropology

ANTH 1300 Introduction to Archaeology

ASTR 1050 Survey of Astronomy

ASTR 1070 The Earth: Its Physical Environment

ASTR 2310 General Astronomy I

ASTR 2320 General Astronomy II

ATSC 2000 Introduction to Meteorology

ATSC 2100 Global Warming: The Science of Humankinds Energy Consumption

ATSC 2200 Severe & Unusual Weather

CHEM 1000 Introductory Chemistry

CHEM 1020 General Chemistry I

CHEM 1030 General Chemistry II

CHEM 1050 Advanced General Chemistry I

CHEM 1060 Advanced General Chemistry II

ENR 1000 Energy and Society

ENR 1200 Environment

ENR 1500 Water, Dirt and Earth’s Environment

ENTO 1000 Insect Biology

ERS 1000 Energy and Society

ESS 1000 Wyoming in the Earth System

FCSC  1410 Scientific Study of Food

FCSC 3171 Introduction to Textile Science

FDSC 1410 Scientific Study of Food

GEOG 1010 Introduction to Physical Geography

GEOL 1050 Gold and the American West

GEOL 1060 Geology of the National Parks 

GEOL 1070 The Earth: Its Physical Environment

GEOL 1100 Introduction to Physical Geology

GEOL 1450 Solving Problems for a Sustainable Future

GEOL 1500 Water, Dirt and Earth’s Environment

GEOL 1650 The Water-Energy-Climate Nexus

GEOL 3600 Earth and Mineral Resources

GEOL 3650 Energy for Society: Addressing the Energy Grand Challenge

GIST 2160 Survey of Remote Sensing Applications

HP 3151 Chaos, Fractals, and Complexity

HP 3152 DNA in Society

HP 3152 Outbreaks and Pandemics

HP 4151 Neuroscience and Law

HP 4151 We Are What We Eat


HP 4152 Earth, Energy, and Culture in Scotland

LIFE 1002 Discovering Science

LIFE 1003 Current Issues in Biology LIFE 1010 General Biology

LIFE 1020 Life Sciences

PHYS 1050 Concepts of Physics

PHYS 1090 Fundamentals of the Physical Universe

PHYS 1110 General Physics I

PHYS 1120 General Physics II

PHYS 1210 Engineering Physics I

PHYS 1220 Engineering Physics II

PLNT 1000 Agroecology

PLNT 2025 Horticultural Science

RNEW 1000 Wyoming Wildlands: Science & Stewardship

Quantitative Reasoning (Q)

COSC 1015 Introduction to Programming for Data Science

GEOL 2120 Quantitative Geo-methods

LIFE 2100 Research & Analysis

MATH 1000 Problem Solving

MATH 1050 Finite Mathematics

MATH 1105 Data, Probability, & Algebra for Elementary School Teachers

MATH 1123 Math, Music and Acoustics

MATH 1400 College Algebra

MATH 1405 Trigonometry

MATH 1450 Algebra and Trigonometry

MATH 2200 Calculus I

MATH 2205 Calculus II

MATH 2350 Business Calculus

STAT 2000 Statistics and the World

STAT 2050 Fundamentals in Statistics

STAT 2070 Introductory Statistics for the Social Sciences

U.S. and Wyoming Constitutions (V)

ECON 1200 Economics, Law, and Government

HIST 1211 US to 1865

HIST 1221 US from 1865

HIST 1251 History of Wyoming

HP 1200 People in Policy: Situation American Identity & Meaning Within US Law

POLS 1000 American and Wyoming Government

POLS 1100 Wyoming Government*

* will only meet Wyoming portion of V requirement. Will be able to use this in combination with US Constitutions course (transferred)