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2023-2024 University of Wyoming Catalog 
2023-2024 University of Wyoming Catalog

Medical Laboratory Science, B.S.

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A degree in Medical Laboratory Science prepares healthcare professionals to perform clinical diagnostic testing in the areas of microbiology, hematology, chemistry, immunohematology, urinalysis, serology, and molecular biology.

University Studies Program

This degree requires that The University Studies Program 2015  requirements are met before graduation. Some of the courses required for this major fulfill USP requirements, but not all. Students should check their degree evaluations and consult with their assigned academic advisor to discuss their specific course plan.

Casper College Requirements

MLTK and PEAC courses are available through an articulation agreement with Casper College and can be taken only through Casper College. Students are responsible for fulfilling all University Studies requirements. The articulation agreement, with a proposed semester-by-semester sequence, is available at: http://www.uwyo.edu/TRANSFER/articulation/agreements/medical-laboratory-science.html

University of Wyoming Requirements

Upper-division courses required to complete the Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science (All MLSK courses are only available through UW-Casper.):

Upper Division Elective Credit Hours

One upper division elective credit hour must be completed in the student’s junior or senior year to meet the total 42 required upper division credits to graduate. Students may take a three credit class to meet this requirement.

These credits must be 3000 and above, and achieved through online outreach or on campus courses. A list of courses that are acceptable to fulfil this requirement can be made available to the student. If a course is in question, it is highly suggested to the student to contact the UW-C advising department or the MLS program director for requirement fulfillment confirmation.

Enrichment Rotations and Laboratory Sessions

The final semester of the student’s senior year is comprised of didactic material being delivered in an online hybrid manner, supplemented with on campus lab sessions at the UW-Casper campus. These lab sessions will be accompanied by an observational enrichment rotation at a clinical site. This enrichment rotation will allow for the observation of advanced methodologies in a practical environment. It will be the students’ responsibility for all travel and housing costs associated with the advanced clinical practicum courses.


Students who do not meet the minimum grade requirements stated above for MLSK course work will be placed on probation. In this period of time, students will be allowed to continue in the program under supervision, but will submit a petition which is an individualized plan of study for the next semester that is developed by the student in agreement with and signed by an academic advisor. All completed MLSK courses that fail to meet minimum grade requirements (C or 2.000 or better) must be repeated by the student. Students shall not be allowed to progress to the final semester until all courses in the previous semesters are successfully completed and a GPA of 2.000 is obtained.

Additional Requirements

The program requires 124 credit hours total, with 54 credit hours obtained in the junior/senior years to graduate. Students must complete a minimum of 42 upper division hours, 30 of which must be earned from the University of Wyoming.

Prerequisite for admission to the Medical Laboratory Sciences degree is completion of the Medical Laboratory Technician program at Casper College, or another accredited MLT program. Students interested in the MLS degree who already hold a bachelors degree should contact program director Jed Doxtater at jdoxtate@uwyo.edu.

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