Jul 15, 2024  
2023-2024 University of Wyoming Catalog 
2023-2024 University of Wyoming Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Physics, B.S.

The Bachelor of Science in Physics program is intended for students who will pursue a career or a graduate degree in physics or related fields. 

A&S College Core

The BS in Physics requires the A&S Core:

  • D - Diversity (3 credits)
  • G - Global (3 credits)
  •  At least 30 hours in the major subject must be completed with a grade of C or better (the major may require more).
  •  No more than 60 hours in the major subject may be used toward the 120 credit hours required for graduation.

See below for more information:


Students are required to take at least 3 hours of electives from any PHYS 4000 or 5000 level course.

Additional Requirements

Course sequencing may need to be altered if ACT, SAT or Math Placement scores require a student to take pre-college courses before taking required math or English courses.  Not all courses are offered every semester and some electives may have prerequisites.  Students should review course descriptions and consult with their academic advisor to plan accordingly. 

A major requires 42 hours of upper division ( 3000 level or above) coursework, 30 of which must be from the University of Wyoming. 

Students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 to graduate. Courses must be taken for a letter grade unless offered only for S/U.

University Studies Program (USP) Human Culture (H) and Physical & Natutural World (PN) courses must be taken outside of the major subject, but can be cross-listed with the major.

For declared physics majors, the prerequisite of MATH 2200 is waived and concurrent enrollment is approved.

For declared physics majors, the prerequisite of MATH 2205 is waived and concurrent enrollment is approved.

If intending to apply to graduate school, students should take the physics GRE by fall semester of the senior year.

Students with specific additionjal interests (e.g.pre-med or another pre-professional program) may wish to move their V/H/C2 courses to alternate semesters so as to take the necessary required courses ( e.g. LIFE 1010, MOLB 3000 etc.)