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2021-2022 University of Wyoming Catalog 
2021-2022 University of Wyoming Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of History and American Studies


158 History Building

(307) 766-5101

FAX: (307) 766-5192

Website: www.uwyo.edu/history

E-mail: uwhistory@uwyo.edu

Department Chair: Jeffrey Means


RENEE LAEGREID, B.A. Washington State University 1982; M.A.L.S. Wesleyan University 1994; Ph.D. University of Nebraska 2002; Professor of History 2015, 2012.

Associate Professor:

ISADORA A. HELFGOTT, B.A. Swarthmore College 1994; A.M. Harvard University 1997; Ph.D. 2006; Associate Professor of History 2015, 2009.

JEFFREY D. MEANS, B.A. Grand Canyon University 1995; M.A. University of Montana 2001; Ph.D. University of Oklahoma 2007; Associate Professor of History 2013, 2007.

Assistant Professor:

ADAM BLACKLER, B.A. Carroll College 2006; M.A. University of Wyoming 2009; Ph.D. University of Minnesota - Twin Cities 2017; Assistant Professor of History 2018.

ALEXANDRA KELLY, B.A. University of Chicago 2004; M.A. 2005; Ph.D. Stanford University 2014; Assistant Professor of History and Anthropology 2014.

BARBARA E. LOGAN, B.A. Queens College, CUNY 1986; Ph.D. University of California-Santa Cruz 2002; Assistant Professor of History 2018, 2011.

MELISSA MORRIS, B.A. Miami University 2004; M.A. Miami University 2010; Ph.D. Columbia University 2017; Assistant Professor of History 2018.

PETER WALKER, B. A. University of Oxford 2008; M. Phil. University of Oxford 2010; Ph. D. Columbia University 2016; Visiting Assistant Professor of History 2019.

Adjunct Faculty:

MICHAEL J. DEVINE, B.A. Loras College 1967; M.A. Ohio State University 1968; Ph.D. 1974; Adjunct Professor of History, 2014, 1991.

Professors Emeriti:

Eric D. Kohler, William H. Moore, Phil Roberts

History Program

History is a foundational discipline that blends the methodologies and perspective of the humanities and social sciences in order to engage with the history of human culture on a global scale. UW’s History degree program emphasizes interdisciplinary teaching and research and provides course work, research experiences, and internships on both American and international topics. The History program offers a Bachelor of Arts degree major, minor, Public History Concentration, and a Master of Arts degree.

The study of History at the University of Wyoming provides students with the tools to comprehend the present in order to prepare for the future. Challenging courses are designed to facilitate critical thinking and the development of analytical skills. Each of our courses features the discussion of complex issues, the development of writing and reading skills, and is generally oriented toward promoting individual enrichment. The professional skills that the History program instills transcend our field and allow students to work toward a variety of career choices such as business, law, government service, public history, archives and museum work, education, management, writing, and graduate studies. The ability to develop perspective, render informed judgments, and function as productive citizens of the global community stand as hallmarks of our program.

Learning Outcomes

It is the goal of the History department that our graduates have the following skills and knowledge:

  • Students shall be able to demonstrate thinking skills by analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating historical information from multiple sources.
  • Students will develop the ability to distinguish between fact and fiction while understanding that there is no one historical truth.
  • Students will produce well-researched written work that engages with both primary sources and the secondary literature.
  • Students will develop an informed familiarity with multiple cultures.
  • Students will employ a full range of techniques and methods used to gain historical knowledge.
  • Students will develop an ability to convey verbally their historical knowledge.
  • Students will demonstrate their understanding of cause and effect along with their knowledge of the general chronology of human experience.



American Studies

Cooper House

(307) 766-3898

Website: www.uwyo.edu/ams

E-mail: amst@uwyo.edu

Director: Frieda E. Knobloch



University 1985; Ph.D. University of Minnesota 1994; Professor of American Studies 2014, 1997.

Associate Professor:

ULRICH ADELT, Magister Artium, Uni- versity of Hamburg 2000; M.A. University of Iowa 2005; Ph.D. 2008; Associate Professor

of American Studies 2015, 2009.

LILIA SOTO, B.A. University of California- San Diego 2000; M.A. University of Cali- fornia-Berkeley 2003; Ph.D. 2008; Associate Professor of American Studies and Latina/o Studies 2017, 2010.

Academic Professional Research Scientist:

ANDREA GRAHAM, B.A. University of Pennsylvania 1978; M.A. 1980; Associate Academic Professional Research Scientist 2016, 2009.

Professors Emeriti:

John Dorst, Eric Sandeen

Adjunct Faculty:

(See Catalog section following name for academic credentials)

Fred Chapman, public historic preservation consultant
Michael Harkin,   
Isa Helfgott, History
Scott Henkel,   and Wyoming Institute for Humanities Research
Mary Humstone, public historic preservation consultant

American Studies Program

American Studies explores American cultural experience past and present, through a wide range of approaches to American lives, places, arts, knowledges, communities, institutions, histories, and ideas. American Studies is an integrative field that comes from and adds to the context of our cultural lives in the U.S. and the U.S. in the world. American Studies frames present concerns with engagement with the past; expects us to engage people’s experiences in the context of a diversity of experiences; and invites us to understand our own commitments and interests as valuable contributors to American cultural understanding. American Studies as a field depends on and adds to insights of scholars, artists, and scientists from virtually any field of expertise.

The American Studies program offers undergraduate B.A. and graduate M.A. degrees in American Studies, as well as courses of general interest to students in any degree.

Our program places special emphasis on studying American cultures through field experiences and internships: students apply academic knowledge and develop professional skills in community and non-profit organizations, historic preservation efforts and organizations, historic sites, museums and collections, among many possibilities. Every internship is developed in close consultation between the students and our Internship Coordinator, and frequently stems from a student’s general idea about where or with whom they’d like to work, in Laramie or Wyoming, in other parts of the U.S., or sometimes abroad. Our program also highlights international perspectives, as well as the transnational context of American impacts and experiences, in course work and exchanges available to American Studies students.

American Studies puts people and their plans together building career goals in K-12 education, law, or business, work in community organizations and public institutions, or further graduate-level study.






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