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2023-2024 University of Wyoming Catalog 
2023-2024 University of Wyoming Catalog

Life Sciences Program

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Life Sciences Program

107 Aven Nelson Building

Program Director: Jonathan Prather

Associate Director: Christopher North

The Life Sciences Program consists of all LIFE prefix courses. These courses support life science majors and non-life science majors across campus. The foundational curriculum provides science majors with both breadth and depth in the basic life sciences, and non-science majors with key concepts in biology as well as an understanding of the connections between science and society. Courses familiarize students with the diversity of life and expand upon the fields of cell and molecular biology, genetics, ecology, and evolution.

Courses within the curriculum emphasize four fundamental goals at a level appropriate for each course:

1. Acquisition, Application and Synthesis of Knowledge

2. Communication Skills

3. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

4. Research Skills


JONATHAN F. PRATHER, B.S. University of Virginia 1995; Ph.D. Emory University 2001; Professor of Zoology and Physiology 2021, 2009.



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