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2023-2024 University of Wyoming Catalog 
2023-2024 University of Wyoming Catalog

College of Education

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Education Building, room 6

(307) 766-3145


Scott Thomas, John P. “Jack” Ellbogen Dean

Jenna M. Shim: Associate Dean for Graduate Programs

Mark Perkins: Assistant Dean for Assessment, Data, and Reporting

Christi Thompson: Assistant Dean for Student Success

The College of Education prepares teachers, counselors, administrators and other service personnel for positions in public education in Wyoming, throughout the nation, and the world. The teacher education program incorporates content area courses from the various colleges on campus with experiences in educational methodology. Programs are designed to provide students with a maximum amount of experience in the classroom.

Graduates of the College of Education are prepared to deal with youth growing up in a rapidly changing world. Programs are experiential, collaborative, outcomes based, and technologically supported. Emphasis is placed on professional ethics, a commitment to lifelong learning, and respect for all individuals in our culturally diverse society.

Organization of the College

The College of Education includes undergraduate teacher education and graduate studies in education. Schools offering undergraduate and graduate programs in the college include:



Undergraduate and graduate education are supported by several units. The College of Education Student Success Center, McWhinnie Hall room 100, coordinates activities dealing with academic advising, field experiences, and teacher licensure.

The Wellspring Counseling Clinic provides counseling services to students, staff, faculty of the university, as well as the community at-large.

The College of Education, College of Arts and Sciences, Wyoming community colleges, many Wyoming districts, the Wyoming Professional Teaching Standards Board, and the Wyoming Department of Education are part of the Wyoming School-University Partnership, which grounds collaborative efforts across the state related to K-12 preservice and in-service education.

The Laboratory School, an Albany County School District entity, serves the college, the university, the school district, and the state as an educational center for research, development, instructional advancement, and in-service education. The school enrolls students in pre-school through eighth grade.

The Learning Resource Center is a branch of the university library system. Educational materials are available to serve the needs of K-12 students, university students, university faculty and public school faculty in Wyoming.

The Learning Research Center & Clinic provides a home base for UW faculty and graduate students researching literacy across the lifespan. Connecting, supporting and expanding existing literacy programs across Wyoming. Inviting visiting scholars with literacy research expertise to collaborate and contribute.

Faculty in the College of Education

School of Counseling, Leadership, Advocacy, and Design

School Director: Peter Moran


KARA L. CARNES-HOLT, B.A. East Texas Baptist University 2000; M.S. Ed. Baylor University 2003; Ph.D. University of North Texas 2010; Professor of Counselor Education 2022, 2016, 2010.

Associate Professors:

AMANDA DeDIEGO, B.S. University of North Georgia 2009; M.S. 2012; Ph.D. University of Tennessee 2016; Associate Professor of Counselor Education 2022, 2016.

COURTNEY McKIM, B.S. Boise State University 2006; Ph.D. University of Nebraska 2011; Associate Professor of Educational Research 2020, 2011.

MICHAEL M. MORGAN, B.S. Brigham Young University 1993; M.S. Auburn University 1995; Ph.D. Purdue University 2003; Associate Professor of Counselor Education 2011, 2003.

LINDSEY NICHOLS, B.S. University of Connecticut 2002; M.A. University of Connecticut 2003; M.Ed. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 2006; Ph.D. Pennsylvania State University 2012; Associate Professor 2019.

W. REED SCULL, B.S. St. Louis University 1983; M.A. University of Nevada-Reno 1989; Ed.D. University of Arizona 1994; Associate Professor 2019.

Assistant Professors:

WILLIAM CAIN, B.A. University of Texas 1994; Ph.D. Michigan State University 2018; Assistant Professor 2018.

JONTHAN CARRIER, B.S. East Tennessee State University 1999;  M.S.E. Portland State University 2002;  Ph.D. University of the Cumberlands 2017;  Assistant Professor of Higher Education Administration, 2020.

RICHARD CARTER, B.S. Western Carolina University 2010; M.S.E. 2012; Ph.D. University of Kansas 2016; Assistant Professor of Special Education 2017.

BARBARA HICKMAN, B.A. University of Minnesota 1985; B.S. University of Minnesota 1986; M.A. Saint Mary’s College 1997; Ed.D. Northern Arizona University 2017; Assistant Professor 2019.

MARGARET HUDSON, B.A. University of Wyoming 1989; M.A. 1995; M.A. 2001; Ed.D. 2010; Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership 2022.

JIHYUN LEE, B.A. Daegu University 2006; M.Ed. Korea National University 2012; M.S. University of Wisconsin-Madison 2014; Ph.D. University of Texas-Austin 2018; Assistant Professor 2019.

ROBERT MADDOX, B.S Missouri State University 2005; M.A. Southeast Missouri State University 2009; Ed.S. Southeast Missouri State University 2011; Ph.D. University of Wyoming 2015; Assistant Professor 2019.

LAY-NAH BLUE MORRIS-HOWE, B.S. University of Wyoming 2004; M.S. 2007; Ph.D. 2011; Assistant Professor of Counselor Education 2015.

MARK PERKINS, B.A. Ft. Lewis College 2001;  M.A. University of Colorado-Denver 2009;  Ph.D. Colorado State University 2014;  Assistant Professor of Educational Research, 2020.

MIA WILLIAMS, B.S. Northern Arizona University 1995; M.Ed., 1999  Ph.D 2008 Arizona State University Assistant Professor 2020. 

Associate Professional Lecturer:

TIFFANY HUNT, B.S. University of Wyoming 2001; M.S. University of Northern Colorado 2006, Ph.D. 2017; Assistant Professional Lecturer of Special Education 2014.

Professors Emeritus

Martin Agran, Mary Alice Bruce, John Cochenour, Ace Cossairt, Kay Cowie, Michael Day, Deborah McGriff, Alan Moore, Kay Persichitte, Dorothy Yocom, Suzanne Young.

School of Teacher Education

School Director: Alan Buss


STEVEN M. BIALOSTOK, B.A. University of the Pacific 1975; M.S.W. California State University - Sacramento 1986; Ph.D. University of Arizona 1999; Professor of Elementary and Early Childhood Education 2015, 2000.

CYNTHIA BROCK, B.S. Oregon State University 1981; MGd Washington State University 1985; Ph.D. Michigan State University 1997; Wyoming Excellence in Education Literacy Chair 2015.

ALAN R. BUSS, B.A. Brigham Young University 1989; M.A. 1993; Ph.D. University of Wyoming 1998; Professor of Elementary and Early Childhood Education 2019, 1997.

SCOTT A. CHAMBERLIN, B.A. Purdue University 1989 and 1993; M.Ed. University of Utah 1998; Ph.D. Purdue University 2002; Professor of Elementary and Early Childhood Education 2015, 2003.

JOHN KAMBUTU, B. A. University of Wyoming 1991; M. A. 1992; Ph.D. 1998; Professor of Educational Studies 2015, 1999. 

RICHARD KITCHEN, B.A. University of Colorado-Denver 1984; M.A. University of Montana 1990; Ph.D. University of Wisconsin- Madison 1996; Professor of Secondary Education 2017.  Wyoming Excellence in Education Mathematics Education Chair 2017.

PETER WILLIAM MORAN, B.A. University of Wyoming 1987; M.A. Kansas State University 1993; Ph.D. 2000; Professor of Elementary and Early Childhood Education 2017, 2001.

LYDIAH NGANGA, B.S. University of Wyoming 1998; M.S. 2000; Ph.D. 2005; Professor of Elementary and Early Childhood Education 2020, 2005.

LESLIE S. RUSH, B.S. Texas A&M-Commerce 1984; M.Ed. 1996; Ph.D. University of Georgia, 2002; Professor of Secondary Education 2014, 2002.  

JENNA M. SHIM, B.A. California State University - Los Angeles 1994; M.M. Manhattan School of Music - New York 1996; M.S. State University of New York - Albany 2006; Ph.D. 2009; Professor of Educational Studies 2016, 2010.

TIMOTHY F. SLATER, B.S. Kansas State University 1989; B.S. Ed. 1989; M.S. Clemson University 1991; Ph.D. University of South Carolina 1993; Professor of Secondary Education 2008.  Wyoming Excellence in Education Science Education Chair 2008.  

ALLEN TRENT, B.A. Eastern Kentucky University 1986; M.S. University of Dayton 1992; Ph.D. The Ohio State University 2000; Professor of Elementary and Early Childhood Education 2012.

Associate Professors:

TAO HAN, B.A. Sungshin Women’s University, Korea 1984; M.A. University of Arizona 1993; M.A. University of Nevada-Reno 2002; Ph.D. 2006; Associate Professor of Elementary and Early Childhood Education 2016, 2010.

ANA HOUSEAL, B.A. University of Iowa 1985; M.A. University of Northern Iowa 1998; Ph.D. University of Illinois 2010; Associate Professor of Elementary and Early Childhood Education 2017, 2011.

LINDA HUTCHISON, B.A. Humboldt State University 1978; M.A. Stanford University 1986; Ph.D. University of Washington 1992; Associate Professor of Secondary Education 2000, 1993.

TRICIA JOHNSON, B.S. Lehigh University 1991; M.Ed. 1993; Ed.S. George Washington University 1997; Ed.D. Columbia University 2004; Associate Professor of Elementary and Early Childhood Education 2012.

AMY ROBERTS, B.S. Indiana University 1986; M.A. Portland State University 1991; Ph.D. Indiana University 1996; Associate Professor of Elementary and Early Childhood Education 2004, 1998.

Assistant Professors:

ANNE AYDINIAN-PERRY, A.B. The University of Chicago 2003; M.Ed. University of Houston 2014; Ed.D. 2021; Assistant Professor of Secondary Social Studies Education 2023.

ALI BICER, B.S. Celal Bayar University 2006; M.S. Texas A&M University 2012; Ph.D. 2016; Assistant Professor of Elementary and Early Childhood Education 2019.

EMANUEL EIDIN, B.A. Bar-Ilan University 2008; MSc. Weizmann Institute of Science 2012; Ph.D. 2018; Assistant Professor of Secondary Science Education 2023.

TODD REYNOLDS, B.A. University of Northern Colorado 1998; M.A. 2004; Ed.S. 2008; Ph.D. University of Wyoming 2015; Assistant Professor of Secondary Education 2019.

ALISON MERCIER,  B.S. North Carolina State University 2000; M.S. University of North Carolina 2020; Assistant Professor of Secondary Education 2020. 

ANNA PAYNE, B.A. University of Northern Iowa 2004; M.A. University of Iowa; Ph.D. Baylor University 2023; Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education 2023.

Senior Lecturers:

NIKKI BALDWIN, B.A. University of Wyoming 1994; M.A. 2005; Senior Lecturer of Elementary and Early Childhood Education 2020, 2009.

KIMBERLY GUSTAFSON, B.A. University of Wyoming 1998; M.A. 2003; Ed.D. 2010; Senior Lecturer of Elementary and Early Childhood Education 2019, 2007.

Associate Lecturers:

JENNIFER GERINGER, B.A. University of Texas - San Antonio 1991; M.S. University of Wyoming 1997; Ph.D. 2001; Associate Lecturer of Elementary and Early Childhood Education 2022, 2015.

JASON KATZMANN, B.S. Texas Women’s University 1994; M.A. Colorado College 2000; Ph.D. University of Northern Colorado 2007; Assistant Professor of Educational Studies 2016, 2007.

ROD THOMPSON, B.A. University of Nebraska at Kearney 1991; M.A. University of Northern Iowa 1998; Associate Lecturer of Educational Studies 2019.

Assistant Lecturers:

JANET LEAR, B.S. University of Wisconsin-Madison 1990; M.A. University of California, Berkeley 1998; Ph.D. University of Denver 2017; Assistant Lecturer of Educational Studies 2019.

ROSEMARY T. MCBRIDE, B.A. Utah State University 2004; M.S. University of California, Davis 2005; Ph.D. University of Wyoming 2023; Assistant Lecturer of Agricultural Education 2023.

JOSEPH SCHROER, B.A. University of Cincinnati 2002; B.S. 2005; M.A. 2001; Ph.D. 2007; Assistant Lecturer of Educational Studies 2019.

Professors Emeritus:

Michelle Buchanan, Barbara A. Chatton, Margaret Cooney, Lydia Dambekalns, Judith Z. Ellsworth, Jacqueline Leonard, Patricia McClurg, R. Timothy Rush


The College of Education, a member of the American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education, is currently accredited by the National Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) and is moving toward the Association for Advancing Quality in Educator Preparation (AAQEP) in 2023-2024. The Wyoming Professional Teaching Standards Board (PTSB) and the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools approve the college as an accredited teacher-preparing institution. The Counseling programs are fully accredited by the Council for the Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP).

Academic Advising

Students are assigned an academic advisor who will assist in planning a program combining University Studies requirements, core content requirements, and professional education courses. Students are expected to consult with their adviser regularly. The College of Education Student Success Center coordinates advising and provides students and faculty with assistance in areas related to academic advising.

Further information on each program is available in:

College of Education Student Success Center
McWhinnie Hall room 100
Dept. 3374, 1000 E. University Ave.
Laramie, WY 82071

(307) 766-2230





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