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2023-2024 University of Wyoming Catalog 
2023-2024 University of Wyoming Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Botany

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114 Aven Nelson Building, (307) 766-2380
FAX: (307) 766-2851
Web site:
Department Head: Brent E. Ewers


GREGORY K. BROWN, B.S. Colorado State University 1973; M.S. Arizona State University 1978; Ph.D. 1980; Professor of Botany 1997, 1985.

ELLEN D. CURRANO, B.Sc. (Hons.) University of Chicago 2003; Ph.D. Pennsylvania State University 2008; Professor of Botany 2022, 2014.

BRENT E. EWERS, B.S. Colorado State University 1995; M.S. Duke University 1997; Ph.D. 1999; Professor of Botany 2014, 2002.

DANIEL C. LAUGHLIN, B.S. Calvin College 1999; M.S. Pennsylvania State University 2002; Ph.D. Northern Arizona University 2009; Professor of Botany 2022, 2017.

STEVEN L. MILLER, B.S. University of Wyoming 1979; M.S. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 1982; Ph.D. 1985; Professor of Botany 2002, 1990.

CAMELLIA OKPODU, B.S. North Carolina State University 1987; Ph.D. North Carolina State University 1994; Professor of Botany 2021.

DAVID TANK, B.S. (Hons.) Michigan State University 1998; M.S. Michigan State University 2000; Ph.D. University of Washington 2006; Professor of Botany 2021.

CYNTHIA WEINIG, B.A. (Hons.) Brown University 1991; Ph.D. Indiana University 1999; Professor of Botany and Molecular Biology 2013, 2007.

DAVID WILLIAMS, B.A. The University of Texas, Austin 1985; M.S. Texas A&M University 1988; Ph.D. Washington State University 1992; Professor of Botany 2009, 2003.

Associate Professors:

CATHERINE E. WAGNER, B.A. (Hons.) Whitman College 2004; Ph.D. Cornell University 2011; Assistant Professor of Botany 2015.

Assistant Professors:

LAUREN SHOEMAKER, B.A. (Hons.) Colorado College 2011; Ph.D. University of Colorado Boulder 2017; Assistant Professor of Botany 2019.

CHRISTOPHER WEISS-LEHMAN, B.A. Earlham College 2010; Ph.D. University of Colorado Boulder 2017; Assistant Professor of Botany 2019.

Senior Lecturer:

MARK E. LYFORD, B.A. St. Olaf College 1993; M.S. University of Wyoming 1995; Ph.D. 2001; Senior Lecturer in Botany 2014, 2005;

Associate Instructional Professor:

CHRISTOPHER NORTH, B.S. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 2002; M.S. Eastern Illinois University 2005; Ph.D. University of Wyoming 2017; Associate Instructional Professor in Botany 2022, 2014.

Assistant Instructional Professor:

JAMIE CRAIT, B.Sc. Oregon State University 1999; M.S. University of Wyoming 2005; Ph.D. 2013; Assistant Lecturer in Botany 2018.

Senior Research Scientist:

BURRELL E. NELSON, B.A. Andrews University 1971; M.A. University of Wyoming 1974; Senior Reseach Scientist.

Research Scientist:

BEN LEGLER, B.S. University of Washington 2001; M.S. University of Wyoming 2010; Research Scientist 2021.

Professors Emeriti:

Dennis H. Knight, Stephen T. Jackson, William A. Reiners

Associate Professors Emeriti:

Daniel B. Tinker



Botany is the study of plants and their relationship to human affairs. The science is fundamental to food, fiber and pharmaceutical production; to the management of landscapes for beauty, recreation, forest products and forage; and to the protection of landscapes against pollution and other abuses. The botanist is concerned with the diversity and classification of plants and fungi, their structure at both the macroscopic and microscopic levels, and their physiology, ecology and genetics and evolutionary relationships.

Courses in botany have been developed to meet the needs of the following groups of students: those who desire a general knowledge of the subject for its cultural value; those specializing in areas which require a background in plant biology; and those selecting botany or biology as a major. 

Undergraduate Degrees:

Students can choose from two undergraduate degree majors: the Botany B.S. and Biology B.S. programs. The Biology B.S. program includes an optional Concentration in Ecology and Evolution. The Biology B.S. degree program also maintains a concurrent major offered through the College of Education whereby students fulfil all the major requirements for Biology on top of their requirements for the B.S. degree in Secondary Science Education with a major in Biological Sciences Education.

Undergraduate minors:

Minors in Biology and Botany are offered.

Graduate Study:

The Department of Botany offers graduate programs leading to the master of science and the doctor of philosophy degrees in botany and the master of science degree in botany/water resources.

Program Specific Admission Requirements (Graduate Study)

A minimum GPA of 3.000 on previous coursework is required.

Program Specific Degree Requirements (Graduate Study)

Regardless of field of specialization, all candidates will be held responsible for basic information in the following areas: genetics, physiology, morphology, and evolutionary and environmental botany. A knowledge of chemistry (including organic and elementary biochemistry), physics, calculus, and statistics may be required.

A minimum GPA of 3.000 must be maintained. Any course in which a C (or below) or U is obtained cannot be counted toward the degree requirement.

Participation in seminars will be required of all candidates during their residence at the University of Wyoming.




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