Jan 20, 2022  
2021-2022 University of Wyoming Catalog 
2021-2022 University of Wyoming Catalog

Management of Human Resources, B.S.

The Management of Human Resources major is an experiential program designed to help students learn how to develop and manage the human capital of an organization. More organizations are moving toward an understanding that employees are a resource that can be developed into a distinct competitive advantage to ensure organizational success, sustainability, and reputation. Students will be prepared to create policies and practices for effective recruitment, socialization, training, development, compensation, performance management, career planning, and employee relations. Moreover, this major will help employees understand the core purposes of the area of human resource management, which are: (1) recognize the potential of individuals for and within an organization and (2) structure a positive, supportive, constructive work environment that will enable employees to work at their optimal capacity and achieve organizational goals. Students in this major will be prepared to work in a variety of human resource capacities and in other key positions related to employee management, and will understand principles for facilitating others success.

All management of Human Resources majors must comply with requirements of the advanced business prerequisites for enrollment in upper-division courses and must complete the common body of knowledge courses as listed previously. All management courses for the major require a minimum grade of C (not C-).

Requirements - Total Credits: 120

USP Requirements - Credits: 39

See USP Requirements for full list of requirements.

Major Specific Courses - Credits: 21

Management of Human Resources Elective: 3 Credits

Advanced Business Electives: 6 Credits

Any business courses at a 3000+ level that have not been used to meet any other primary major requirements.

Free Electives from Any College: 27 Credits

  • Courses from any college at any level - Credits: 21
  • Courses from any college at 3000+ level - Credits: 6