Jun 27, 2022  
2021-2022 University of Wyoming Catalog 
2021-2022 University of Wyoming Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Computer Engineering, B.S.

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Suggested Course Sequence

Students must have a minimum cumulative GPA 2.000 in all Engineering courses for graduation. GPA of 2.000 or higher is required for all prerequisite courses. Students must complete a minimum of 42 hours of upper division coursework, 30 of which must from the University of Wyoming.

Total Credits: 18 Hours

Freshman Year: Spring

Total Credits: 15 Hours

Total Credits: 18 Hours

Total Credits: 17 Hours

Junior Year: Fall

Total Credits: 16 Hours

Junior Year: Spring

Total Credits: 16 Hours

Senior Year: Fall

Total Credits: 14 Hours

Senior Year: Spring

  • Credits: 2 7
  • CPEN Elective Credits: 3 6
  • CPEN Elective Credits: 3 6
  • CPEN Elective Credits: 3 6
  • CPEN Elective Credits: 3 6

Total Credits: 14 Hours

Total Credits: 128 Hours

EE 1101  is recommended for EE and CPEN majors

Or any ES, EE, BE course (>2000 level), or COSC 3011  or COSC 3750  

PHYS 1210 : no credit can be earned in PHYS 1210  if taken after ES 2120 . PHYS 1220  should be taken before or concurrently with ES 2210 .

5 No technical elective in the Computer Engineering curriculum.

CPEN Option Courses: Allowed Computer Engineering Electives (as of Fall2020):Electrical Engineering Courses: EE 4245 Digital Signal Processing EE 4340 Semiconductor Materials and Devices EE 4345 Hardware Digital Signal Processing EE 4360 VLSI Design

EE 4440 Communication Theory EE 4590 Real Time Embedded Systems EE 4870 Computer Network Hardware EE 4990 Advanced Microprocessors EE 5390 Computer Architecture EE 5410 Neural and Fuzzy Systems EE 5430 3-D Computer Vision

EE 5620 Digital Image Processing EE 5630 Advanced Image Processing EE 5650 Object and Pattern Recognition Multicore Programming Network Programming and Congestion Control EE 4800 Autonomous Cyber-Physical Systems

EE 5885 Deep Reinforcement Learning EE 5885 Haptic Robotics

Computer Science Courses: COSC 3020 Algorithms and Data Structures COSC 4210 Web Application Development COSC 4220 Design and Implementation of Emerging Environments COSC 4450 Computer Graphics COSC 4550 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

COSC 4555 Machine Learning COSC 4560 Modern Robots and Softbots COSC 4730 Mobile Applications Programming COSC 4735 Advanced Mobile Programming COSC 4740 Operating Systems Design COSC 4760 Computer Networks

COSC 4765

Computer Security Bioengineering Courses: BE 5410 Rehabilitation Engineering

Math Courses:Math 4500 Matrix Theory

For the latest updates to this list, please visit http://www.uwyo.edu/electrical/undergraduate/cpen_electives_updated_nov._2020.pdf

To meet the COM3 requirement with EE 4820  and EE 4830  the COM2 course must be taken before EE 4820 .

Also, EE 4820  and EE 4830  must be taken in sequence. COM 2 grade of C or better is required.

8 Network Congestion Control can also be taken to fulfill the CPEN network course requirement.

9 ES 4920   will be allowed for technical elective credit.

10 Online courses taken outside of the Wyoming system, will not be considered for preapproved transfer.

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