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2021-2022 University of Wyoming Catalog 
2021-2022 University of Wyoming Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

English, B.A.

The English major requires 36 hours of work within the major and an additional 12 hours of a single foreign language. 21 of the hours within the major must be taken at the upper division. Only those courses in which a grade of C or better has been earned may count toward the 36 hours required for the B.A. and the foreign language requirement. No 1000-level courses count toward the B.A.

Specific courses that fulfill the Expanding the Canon requirements will be identified each semester. They will focus on global/ postcolonial texts or texts of diversity (e.g. Native American, African-American, and Latinx literatures; feminist or queer theory, disability studies). Additional courses that may fulfill the Historical Period requirements beyond those listed below will also be identified each semester.


Most 2000-level courses require the completion of the COM1 requirement. Normally, 3000-level courses have the COM1, ENGL 2025 , and one 2000-level “broad historical sweep” course (one of ENGL 2410 ENGL 2425 ENGL 2430 ENGL 2435 ENGL 2340 ENGL 2350 ENGL 2360 ) as prerequisites, and 4000-level courses have 6 hours of 2000-level English courses as prerequisites. Students without certain prerequisites should consult the English department for permission to enroll.

English Tracks

There are two tracks within the English degree: a Literary Studies track and an English Studies track. The former focuses on the study of literature and culture, while the latter balances literary study with courses in rhetoric and composition and professional writing. All English Education students are required to take the English Studies track.