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2021-2022 University of Wyoming Catalog 
2021-2022 University of Wyoming Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Studio Art, B.F.A.


The B.F.A. in Studio Art degree is offered to outstanding students who are prepared for art studies, careers and professional activity beyond the undergraduate level. The B.F.A. degree requires 122 hours of credits with up to seventy-eight (78) semester hours focused in studio and art history course work. All B.F.A. in Studio Art students are required to participate in the B.F.A. exhibition upon graduation.

Formal application is made to the program for acceptance into the B.F.A. in Studio Art degree program. Application must be submitted at least three semesters prior to the applicant’s anticipated graduation. Favorable faculty review of the application materials are required before a student is declared a candidate for the B.F.A. in Studio Art degree.  Applicants must have achieved the following at the time of application to the B.F.A. in Studio Art:

  • C or better in all major classes
  • 3.25 GPA or above within major classes
  • 3.00 or above overall UW total institutional GPA

Undergraduate majors proceed with meeting the USP requirements for the B.A. in Studio Art and balance with foundation, art history, and studio core requirements in the major until formally accepted as a B.F.A. in Studio Art candidate. Students should apply at least three semesters before graduation. Application does not automatically guarantee acceptance into the B.F.A. in Studio Art program.

Final Year

During their final year and in conjunction with the spring B.F.A. exhibition, students enroll in two sequential capstone courses: BFA Capstone I (fall) and II (spring). The courses outline the deadline and requirements for the B.F.A. exhibition as well as coordinating mentoring of B.F.A. candidates. If faculty deem their work insufficient, they reserve the right to exclude the work from the exhibition and withhold the B.F.A. degree.  Students transferring to the Department of Visual and Literary Arts who have completed their foundation core and successfully passed portfolio review are eligible to apply for a B.F.A. in Studio Art after one semester in Art and Art History Program.

Studio Core: 12 Hours

12 credits chosen from the below. At least one core course must be from 2D and one from 3D.

3D Studio

Note: only one Ceramic class can count in the Studio Core

Art History Core: 6 Hours

Upper Division Studio Electives: 21 Hours

21 credits of any upper division studio art classes

Art and Art History Electives: 3 Hours

3 credits of any art or art history course at any level

BFA Core: 12 Hours

Upper Division Art History Electives: 9 Hours

9 credits of any upper division art history classes

Foreign Language: 8 Hours

8 hours in any Foreign Language:

Outside Major Requirement: 9 Hours

         9 hours at any level outside of the Art and Art History Program (ART)