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2021-2022 University of Wyoming Catalog 
2021-2022 University of Wyoming Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Microbiology, B.S.


The microbiology curriculum is organized to provide students with the maximum flexibility in meeting their university studies program requirements. In addition, the curriculum is designed to prepare graduates for the future by combining a firm foundation in the basic sciences with a central core of microbiology classes, followed by the opportunity for students to specialize in areas of microbiology suiting their individual interests via the selection of electives. Prior to graduation, microbiology majors must complete the basic requirements and all microbiology core course requirements as listed below. Finally, to assure breadth of exposure in microbiology, students must complete 6 semester hours of microbiology electives.

Students pursuing the B.S. degree in microbiology who wish to pursue a dual major in both microbiology and molecular biology must satisfy the basic science/math and core/elective requirements in microbiology as well as those specified for the B.S. degree in molecular biology PLUS an additional 9 credits of electives in microbiology and/or molecular biology at the 4000/5000 level. 

Basic Course Requirements for Microbiology Majors

  • Total credit hours: 121 hours
  • 3000-level or above credits (university requirements): 42 hours
  • Completion of University Studies 2015 Program Requirements: 30-36 hours

Microbiology Electives

In addition to completing the required microbiology courses listed above, students must complete 6 hours of microbiology electives from any of the following lists.