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2021-2022 University of Wyoming Catalog 
2021-2022 University of Wyoming Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Life Sciences Program

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Life Sciences Program

107 Aven Nelson Building, 766-4158 Web site:

Program Director: Jonathan Prather


The Life Sciences Program consists of all LIFE prefix courses. These courses support a wide range of life science majors and several non-life science majors across campus. The number of LIFE courses taken by students in each major is determined by the departments that offer the majors. The curriculum intends to provide science majors with both breadth and depth in the basic life sciences, and nonscience majors with exposure to key concepts in biology and an understanding of the connections between science and society. The program courses also expose students to the fields of cell and molecular biology, genetics, ecology, and evolution, and they familiarize students with the diversity of life on the planet. Courses within the curriculum address four fundamental goals at a level appropriate for each course: 1. Acquisition, Application and Synthesis of Knowledge 2. Communication Skills 3. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving 4. Research Skills The Life Sciences courses listed below were previously offered under the BIOL prefix. All courses listed below are now offered through the LIFE prefix.



JONATHAN F. PRATHER, B.S. University of Virginia 1995; Ph.D. Emory University 2001; Professor of Zoology and Physiology 2021, 2009.

Assistant Instructional Professor:

MICHELE D. LARSON, B.S. University of Washington 2001; M.Ed. Eastern Washington University 2006; M.S. 2013; Ph.D. University of Wyoming 2018; Assistant Instructional Professor 2018.


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