Feb 08, 2023  
2022-2023 University of Wyoming Catalog 
2022-2023 University of Wyoming Catalog

Zoology and Physiology, Ph.D.

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Advanced-degree students in Zoo/Phys experience collaborative, interdisciplinary approaches to basic and applied questions. Work spans molecules to ecosystems, with training in fields including physiology, ecology, evolution, fisheries, and wildlife.

Additional Information

This is a 72 hour program.

A Ph.D. applicant must have 20 hours of undergraduate work in zoology, physiology, or other areas of biology and also have completed substantial undergraduate work in other sciences. Under exceptional circumstances, a student with an undergraduate major in a scientific discipline other than biology may be admitted. After the Ph.D. student has completed two semesters of graduate work, s/he must be approved for continued work toward the doctorate by the graduate advisory board. This board can reconsider a candidate thereafter if it so desires.

A graduate committee shall be appointed for the individual student no later than the third semester. After consultation with the student, this committee will prescribe special requirements (courses, minors, research tools, etc.) that must be fulfilled. At this time, the graduate committee shall consult with the candidate on the proposed research and shall identify the subject matter areas to be included in the preliminary examination. The preliminary examination will consist of a written research proposal, its oral defense, and a written and oral preliminary examination. When training outside zoology and physiology is specified by the committee, certification of satisfactory completion of the requirement will be made by the appropriate department.

In addition to the general university requirements for the Ph.D. degree, the department requires the following:

The coursework program should include work in a discipline outside the department, generally in the sense of a minor, to be identified in consultation with the graduate committee.

The preliminary examination consisting of written and oral portions should be taken no later than midterm of the fourth semester in residence. The graduate committee will certify satisfactory performance for the preliminary examination.

The dissertation must be received by each member of the graduate committee three weeks before the final dissertation seminar. As oral defense of the dissertation, the candidate will deliver a formal 50 minute seminar on original research from the dissertation. The seminar will be followed by an examination by the graduate committee.

Some time during their degree program, all Ph.D. candidates will be required to complete credit in three graduate seminars. A student may enroll in more than one of these required seminars during one semester or academic year.

All candidates for the Ph.D. degree shall be required to teach for one semester during their program.

The dissertation may be written in a format suitable for publication in a journal and the usual extensive literature review, description of study sites, technical details, raw data, supporting figures, charts, and photographs should be included in a well-organized appendix. (See also format requirements by the university.)

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