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2022-2023 University of Wyoming Catalog 
2022-2023 University of Wyoming Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Tuition and Fees

Semester Tuition and Fee Schedule 2022-23 (Subject to Change)

The University of Wyoming semester tuition and fee schedules for the 2022-23 academic year, which begins with fall semester 2022, will be available in the Fee Book at http://www.uwyo.edu/administration/financial-affairs/feebook/ or from Student Financial Services, room 172, Knight Hall. Fall charges will post to accounts in WyoRecords by the end of July, spring charges will post by the end of November, and summer charges will post to accounts by the end of April.

Full-time undergraduate refers to undergraduate students enrolled for 12 or more hours, and part-time undergraduate refers to undergraduate students enrolled for less than 12 hours. At the graduate level, nine or more hours is considered full-time and less than nine hours is classified as part-time.

Student Benefit Package and Insurance

At the beginning of each semester, the student benefits package will be added to student accounts of all part-time students who have elected to purchase UW health insurance and have not been charged the mandatory student services fee. The benefits package allows part-time students the use of Student Health Service and Half Acre Gym as well as access to athletic events.

Graduate students taking less than 4.5 credit hours should contact their academic department and also refer to the “Graduate Student Optional Fee Package Petition” document, which may be found on the Office of the Registrar’s website.

Students not assessed insurance who would like to purchase the benefits package, not for full-time status purposes, can fill out a form in Student Financial Services, 172 Knight Hall, and then pay for the package at the Cashier’s Office, 170 Knight Hall, or online via the student financial portal. Main campus students enrolled in less than six hours or students in online-only programs are not automatically assessed the fee but are eligible to purchase the package.

Student medical insurance is mandatory for international students. International students are automatically enrolled in the medical insurance every fall and spring semester that they enroll in classes. Students may potentially waive this requirement if they meet university regulations and provide the necessary documentation by the add/drop deadline.

Each domestic enrolling student will be required, as part of the registration process, to make a student medical insurance selection. If the eligible student selects “YES” to the question, the premium will be assessed on the student’s account. If the student selects “NO,” they will not be assessed for the premium. Part-time students who select yes for the health insurance will also be assessed for the Student Benefit Package.

Domestic students are eligible for insurance if they are enrolled in at least 6 hours for undergraduate or 4.5 hours for graduate students. Students are not eligible for student health insurance if online or remote only.

For questions regarding the Student Medical Insurance program, contact the Student Medical Insurance Advocate (641 Hill Hall Hall) at (307) 766-3025.

Tuition and Fee Payment

All university charges are due by September 1 (fall), February 1 (spring), and June 1 (summer).

An institutional payment plan is available for students who need extra time to pay.

A non-refundable $50.00 payment plan extension fee is charged per semester to all students that are not paid in full by the payment dates above. The payment plan adds three monthly installments for fall and spring and two installments for summer in addition to the first due date above. These are due on the 1st of the subsequent months. Registration holds and interest of 1.5% per month may be charged on all past due amounts.

Special Course Registration Fees

Additional charges (special course, college, advising, and program fees) must be paid by students enrolling in those courses and colleges with approved special fees. Fees for these courses and colleges will be indicated in the Fee Book. Program fees, assessed to all courses under 5000 level, are by the college in which the course is held and may be different than a student’s primary program.

Tuition Waivers

If an employee, spouse of an employee or cooperating agency waiver is used for payment of tuition and/or fees, the properly completed and signed waiver must be received by the Student Financial Services office by the first day of the term. All waivers will be applied to accounts after the drop deadline. To be eligible for the waiver, the student must be a benefited employee by the first day of class. Please refer to Regulation 7-11 Tuition, Fees, Scholarships and Financial Aid for details of the benefit.

Financial Holds

A student failing to pay fees, charges, fines, penalties, deposits, or short term loans as prescribed by the Trustees of the University of Wyoming shall be denied registration at the university and copies of academic transcripts until such fees, charges, fines, penalties, deposits or short term loans are paid in full. A ten-day wait is required before a student loan hold can be removed if the debt is paid with a personal check. Contact Student Financial Services via email (sfs@uwyo.edu) or in person at Knight Hall 172 for information regarding financial holds.

If payment is made on a student account and the payment is returned to the University as a result of insufficient funds or otherwise, the student will have a hold on their account until the return payment fee in addition to the original amount is paid. Registered classes secured by a returned payment are subject to cancellation.

Billing Statements and Student Accounts

Students and authorized users are billed electronically each month and it is the responsibility of the student to review the statement information via the Student Financial portal and pay within the payment deadlines. Billing notifications are sent to the student’s UW email address monthly, but current account activity can be viewed at any time via the Student Financial portal or the Authorized user portal.

Summer Session

Please refer to the Summer Course Schedule and Calendar for applicable deadlines. Shorter classes will have shorter refund periods.


Tuition and course fees will be canceled or refunded to a student who officially drops a class or classes, withdraws from the university through the Dean of Students Office, or changes enrollment status (i.e. non-resident to resident; full-time to part-time) in accordance with the institutional refund policy outlined below.

No tuition penalty will be assessed for dropping and adding during the drop period identified in the term’s class schedule. Students who withdraw from individual courses after the end of the drop/add period will have their charges canceled in accordance with the institutional refund policy outlined below.

Mandatory fees, program fees, advising fees, course fees, or service fees are not refundable after the drop period.

The portion of tuition refund/cancellation is computed from the first day of the term, not the class meeting pattern. If a student’s initial registration includes blocked classes or short courses that begin at a later date, the refund/cancellation will still be computed from the first day of the block/session. If a student’s initial registration occurs during an approved late registration period, the date for computing a refund/cancellation will be the first day of the term.

Institutional Refund Schedule for Full Semester Length Classes
Before the first day of the semester 100%
Semester Class Day 1-8 100%
Semester Class Day 9-15 75%
Semester Class Day 16-20 50%
Semester Class Day 21-25 25%
Semester Class Day 26 on 0%

Examples of these calculations are available in Student Financial Services.

Interaction of Federal Return of Funds Policy and Institutional Refund Policy

When a student who receives federal financial aid withdraws from the university, they may owe a repayment of federal funds, be due a refund from UW, or owe an additional amount to UW. For details on the application of these policies to a specific situation, please consult with Scholarships & Financial Aid, 174 Knight Hall, (307) 766-2116, as well as Student Financial Services, 172 Knight Hall, (307) 766-6232.

Student WyoOne ID Cards

167 Information Technology Center, (307) 766-5268

ID cards are issued to all students during their first semester of enrollment. These cards are used throughout the student’s entire career at the university.

The ID card also referred to as the WyoOne card, is needed to pick up transcripts, financial aid, cash checks, access student health services, attend athletic events, enter recreation facilities, check out library books and materials, food service access, enter residence halls, and other necessities. Visit the online card office at www.uwyo.edu/ idoffice/ to make deposits, view transaction history, and access other card management features.

The WyoOne card may also be used as a debit card to make purchases at some locations on campus after the deposit account is established. Spouses, domestic partners, and dependents of students are eligible for an ID card.