May 19, 2024  
2024-2025 University of Wyoming Catalog 
2024-2025 University of Wyoming Catalog


The Trustees of the University of Wyoming


John McKinley   Chairman
Kermit Brown   Vice Chairman
Michelle Sullivan   Treasurer
Laura Schmid-Pizzato   Secretary


2015/2021 John McKinley, Cheyenne 2027
2015/2021 Michelle Sullivan, Sheridan 2027
2017 Kermit Brown, Laramie 2029
2021 Elizabeth Greenwood, Pinedale 2027
2019 Brad Bonner, Cody 2025
2017 David Fall, Gillette 2029
2018 Laura Schmid-Pizzatto, Rock Springs 2029
2017/2019 Macey Moore, Douglas 2025
2021 Carol Linton, Jackson 2027
2013/2019 Dave True, Casper 2025
2019 Brad LaCroix, Newcastle 2025
2023 Jim Mathis 2029

Ex Officio Members

Mark Gordon, Governor of Wyoming
Edward Seidel, President of the University of Wyoming

Saber Smith, President of the Associated Students of the University of Wyoming
Megan Degenfelder, State Superintendent of Public Instruction
Sandra Caldwell, Executive Director, Wyoming Community College Commission

University Officers

Ed Seidel   President
Kevin Carman   Exec Vice President for Academic Affairs & Provost/Professor
Neil Theobald   Executive Professor
Bill Mai   Vice President, Campus Operations
Alexander Kean   Vice President, Budget and Finance
Robert Aylward   Vice President for Information Technology
Vacant   Vice President for Institutional Advancement and President/CEO, UW Foundation
Parag Chitnis   Vice President/Professor, Research and Economic Development
Kimberly Steich   Vice President for Student Affairs
Tom Burman   Athletic Director
Tara Evans   Vice President & General Counsel
Zebadiah Hall   Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Administrative Officers

Josh Holland   Chief, Campus Police
Robert Link   Associate Vice President, Human Resources
Steven Barrett   Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education, Academic Affairs
Tami Benham-Deal   Senior Vice Provost for Academic Personnel, Academic Affairs
Jim Ahern   Vice Provost of Graduate Education, Academic Affairs
Kyle Moore   Vice Provost of Enrollment Management, Academic Affairs
John Stark   Foundation Senior Vice President for Development
Isadora Helfgott   Vice Provost/Assoc Professor for Global Engagement
Ryan O’Neil   AVP and Dean of Students

Academic Affairs:

Shelley Dodd   Director, Admissions
Richard Miller   Director, Academic, Career, Exploratory Services
April Heaney   Director, LeaRN Programs
Lane Buchanan    Interim University Registrar, Office of the Registrar
Pilar Flores   Director, Student Educational Opportunity
Anna Terfehr   Director, Scholarships and Financial Aid
Wendi Vanlandingham   Director, Transfer Relations

Student Affairs:

Jack Tennant   Executive Director, Alumni Relations
Pat Moran   Director, Campus Recreation
Eric Webb   Assoc VP of Business Enterprises
Julio Brionez   Director, University Counseling Center
Julie Hill   Associate Dean/Professor, College of Law

Academic Officers

Kelly Crane   Acting Dean, College of Agriculture, Life Sciences and Natural Resources
Christine Wade   Associate Dean and Director, Academic and Student Programs
Mandy Marney   Associate Dean and Director, UW Extension
Eric Webster   Associate Dean, Agricultural Experiment Station
Benjamin Rashford   Head, Agricultural and Applied Economics
Bledar Bisha   Head, Animal Science
Jill Keith   Head, Family and Consumer Sciences
    Director, Microbiology Program
Andrew Kniss   Head, Plant Sciences
Tim Collier   Head, Ecosystem Science and Management
Jonathan Fox   Head, Veterinary Sciences
Alexandra Brower    Director, Wyoming State Veterinary Laboratory
Jonathan Prather   Head, Life Sciences
S. Scott Seville   Head, Zoology and Physiology
Brent Ewers   Head, Botany
Randall Violett   Head, Ranch Management and Agricultural Leadership
Jay Gatlin   Head, Molecular Biology


J. Scott Turpen   Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
Karen Bartsch Estes   Associate Dean
Susan Aronstein   Associate Dean
Adrienne Freng   Associate Dean
Melissa Murphy   Head, Anthropology
Doug Russell   Head, Visual Art
Cynthia Price Schultz   Head, Communication and Journalism
Molly McCully Brown   Director, Creative Writing Program
Eric Wodahl   Head, Criminal Justice and Sociology
Stephen Dillion   Director, School of Culture, Gender, and Social Justice
Kelly Kinney   Head, English
Jeffrey Means   Head, History
Joy Landeira   Head, Modern and Classical Languages
Ben Markley   Head, Music
Robert Colter   Head, Philosophy and Religious Studies
Stephanie Anderson   Director, School of Politics, Public Affairs, and International Studies
Sean McCrea   Head, Psychology
Christie Zimmerman   Head, Theatre and Dance


Scott Beaulier    Dean, College of Business
Ronn Smith   Senior Associate Dean
Ben Cook   Senior Assistant Dean
Anne Alexander   Assistant Dean
Mitchell Oler   Chair, Accounting and Finance
Alexandre Skiba   Chair, Economics
Todd Cherry   Director, Economics Graduate Programs
Todd Cherry   Director, Economics Graduate Programs
Ben Cook   Director, MBA Program
Linda Price   Director, Marketing Ph.D. Program



Jenna M. Shim   Interim Dean John P. “Jack” Ellbogen Dean, College of Education
Peter William Moran   Associate Dean, Graduate Programs
Alan R. Buss   Assistant Dean for Assessment, Data, and Accreditation
Mark Perkins   Assistant Dean for Student Success
Christi Thompson   Director, School of Counseling, Leadership, Advocacy & Design
Courtney Ann McKim   Director, School of Teacher Education
Scott A. Cahmberlin   Assistant Dean for Assessment, Data, and Accreditation
Colby Gull   Director, Wyoming School/ University Partnership
Brooke Fergon   Principal, UW Lab School


Cameron Wright   Dean, College of Engineering and Physical Sciences
David Bagley   Associate Dean
Daniel Dale   Associate Dean
David Mukai   Associate Dean
Saman Aryana   Head, Chemical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering
Brian Leonard   Head, Chemistry
Anthony Denzer   Head, Civil and Architectural Engineering and Construction Management
Bryan Shader   Head, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Vamegh Rasouli   Head, Energy and Petroleum Engineering
Mark Clementz   Head Geology and Geophysics
Jason Williford   Head, Mathematics and Statistics
Ray Fertig   Head, Mechanical Engineerings
Jinke Tang   Head, Physics and Astronomy


Michelle Hilaire   Interim Dean, College of Health Sciences
    Senior Associate Dean
Sherrill J. Smith   Dean, Fay W. Whitney School of Nursing
Kem Krueger   Dean, School of Pharmacy
Mark Guiberson   Director, Division of Communication Disorders
Derek Smith   Director, Division of Kinesiology and Health 
Valerie Thompson-Ebanks   Director, Division of Social Work
John Willford   Assistant Director, WWAMI Medical Education
Brian Veauthier   Director, UW Family Medicine Residency Program at Casper
Evan Norby   Director, UW Family Medicine Residency Program at Cheyenne
Michelle Jarman   Interim Executive Director, Wyoming Institute for Disabilities (WIND)
Craig Vaske   Manager, Health Sciences Advising


Peter Parolin Dean, Honors College
Breezy Taggart Associate Dean


Julie Hill   Dean, College of Law
Sam Kalen   Associate Dean


Brent L Pickett Dean/Professor, UW-Casper


Other Academic Officers

Jim Ahern   Dean/Vice Provost, School of Graduate Education
Sreejayan Nair   Director, Biomedical Sciences
Melanie Murphy   Director, Program in Ecology and Evolution
Andrew Parsekian   Director, Hydrologic Sciences
Daniel Levy   Director, Molecular and Cellular Life Sciences
Kara Pratt   Director, Neuroscience
Cassandra Kvenild   Dean, University Libraries
John Koprowski   Dean/Professor/Wyo Excellence Chair, Haub School of Environment and Natural Resources
Steve Smutko   Assoc Dean/Professor/Spicer/Wyo Excellence Chair
Holly Krutka   Executive Director, School of Energy Resources
Lt Col John D. Sieps, Commander   Head, U.S. Air Force ROTC
LTC Paul W. Hanson, Commander   Head, U.S. Army ROTC
Janel Seeley   Director, John P. Ellbogen Center for Teaching and Learning
Paul Flesher   Director/Professor, American Heritage Center
Margaret (Beth) McMillan   Director, Research Scientist, Sr, Wyoming Geographic Information Science Center

For a complete list of all faculty and staff and their contact information, please see the UW Campus Directory or the UW Web site at